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Why Hire a Guide?

Learn New Waters
Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the river and want your trip to be a success. By hiring a guide you get the advantage of maximizing your time on the water. Your guide knows the water, where the fish are lying, and knows the latest fishing techniques in getting the Salmon and Steelhead to bite!

Fishing Techniques
You may want to learn some new fishing techniques from back bouncing for Salmon or side drifting with light gear for Steelhead.

Cost Effective
When you add up the costs of a jet boat, trailer, insurance, storage, and the price of fuel, hiring a guide begins to look like a real bargain. It is hard to fish and maneuver a boat on the river at the same time, and that is why so many people choose to hire a guide to help lessen the hassle of fishing and running a boat at the same time. 

Safety is one of the most important issues to keep in mind while fishing on the local rivers.  When selecting a guide, check to see if they have a guide's license, are fully insured, and hold a First Aid & CPR card.

Top of the line equipment is important for a successful fishing trip.  By using only the best equipment insures that you won't lose a Salmon or Steelhead to a bad reel or rod.  It also provides you the opportunity to try out equipment that you may later wish to purchase for your own fishing trips.

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